Our Vision

The Global Cultural Network

We share a passion for books, journals and literature and like to exchange views about any form of culture that captures our imagination. We are scattered around the world, doing all sort of jobs and speaking different languages, but we are connected by a virtual trail of books that we exchange wherever we go in our daily lives. We love libraries, and bookshelves in general, because they reflect the personality of readers and help people to think critically and creatively. In these pages, we will build our own ideal library as a free place where ideas are generated, discussion is welcomed, multiplicity of views cherished and high quality information pursued.
We will be posting regularly, writing book reviews, reportage and interviews and aiming to give our readers a means to travel through new avenues of thought, or the opportunity to capture a snapshot of hot cultural topics. We believe that together we can create the first Global Cultural Network powered by blockchain technology.

Konis means “dust” in ancient Greek and we feel that each contribution represents a grain of dust capable of infusing people with a new awareness of facts happening around the world. Grain by grain, through Konis, we will be committed to providing free, insightful opinions. We recognise the current overflow of news as a problem of “infopollution”. We are aware that reading and thinking are processes that need some time to be really effective. By comparing our network to something almost invisible, such as dust, we intend to provide nourishing information in a discrete way. We believe that this is necessary for people to truly “absorb” and “digest” complex issues, and to acquire the power to act upon them.

Here we have the unique possibility to look for and offer reliable and high quality content. Together, readers and contributors, we have a chance to communicate our ideas and build bridges between the humanities and the latest advances in technology.

Konis Team

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